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All About Agency – VideoMan

Sell VideoMan to your clients and charge them monthly, yearly, or a high one-time fee. VideoMan Agency is a fantastic plan which you can buy and then using this you can also sell Motvio to your clients.

Settings up Agency CLient is super easy. Below are the basic steps to Add Clients to Agency.

Step 1: Click on the “Add Client” button.

Step 2: Enter the required details of your client.

Step 3: Enter the total space you want to allocate to the client in the Storage space option.

Step 4: Finally, click on the Submit button to add the client to the list.

After this, your client will automatically get an email with their email and password. The most interesting thing about the Agency Reseller account is that you don’t need to give any support to your clients. Yes, we’ll handle support for your clients, which makes it easy for you to concentrate on Marketing.

This is all for this article. If you have any questions, please contact the Support via email.


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